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multimedia AI show by S.Teterin

Cyber-Pushkun art project

This visualization of Russian intelligent's futurological fears is made with set of simple programs. Machine can make poetry? Computer can generate verses? It's awful!!! Literary minds consider it to be an undermining of our cultural foundations.

Verses are produced by two russian jocular DOS-programs of 1992 and 1996. The results are then recorded by "artificial voice" and personified with synthetic character in "3D real time". Lexical base for CG includes texts by Russian poets Esenin, Mandelshtam, Prigov and Vertinsky. Monstrous howls in pauses are borrowed from libraries of unpretentious program "E-Jay" for greater intimidation of spectators.

Cyber-Pushkin 3D file (13 Mb):

Special Bio-Player is required for viewing, can be downloaded here (734 Kb):

Minimum System Requirements: Intel Pentium-II(tm) class processor or equivalent, 48MB RAM, 16-bit Sound Card, High-Color Display Adaptor (16, 24 or 32-bit color), 20MB Available Hard-Disk Space.

russian version and CP verses here